Kathy Coover - Lessons Learned, Lives Changed

A Blueprint for Success

Kathy Coover delivers the ultimate formula for success in her new book. She not only reveals the principles, strategies, and mindset she’s used her entire career but also details the formula that will help you excel in direct sales.

Start dreaming big again using Kathy’s formula for creating a vision of your perfect life. 

Learn how to create a bold and daring goal that can help uplevel everything you do. 

Discover the daily benchmarks of success and how to take action to achieve them. 

Read the success secrets of 20 top leaders as they built their Isagenix teams. 

Find out how to distinguish between good ideas and great opportunities. 

Enroll young people like never before using Isagenix’s revolutionary START movement. 

Learn how to ask as if you expect to get a “yes. 

A personal-growth playbook and powerful blueprint for success, “Resilient” is Kathy’s long-awaited guide to creating the life you want and deserve.

Pricing: US$12.95 | CA$14.95

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Income-producing activities that can lead to real results.  

What it means to be a “servant leader,” and why it can pay off big. 

How to use a vision board and affirmations to focus your brain on your most wished for outcomes. 

How to build a sustainable team. 

Plus, so much more!

Resilient is not only the ideal success manual and inspirational book for you but also a powerful enrollment tool that conveys the excitement and life-changing potential of the Isagenix income opportunity!

Kathy Coover - Resilient